• Near Protocol and Tradecurve have both seen a surge in their values recently.
• Near Protocol’s value surged by 17.3% in the last two weeks, while Tradecurve’s value increased by 80%.
• Analysts predict TCRV will experience a 100x growth when it launches.

Near Protocol Price Prediction

Recently, Near Protocol has partnered with One Minute Briefs to boost its social media presence and share its updates. This drove investors to the project and caused its price to increase by 7%, bringing it up to $1.41 per token.

Tradecurve Price Moons 80%

Tradecurve has seen even more success than Near Protocol, with its value increasing by a total of 80% since the beginning of its presale period. As of now, the token is trading at $0.25, but analysts are predicting that it will experience a 100x growth when it officially launches on the market.

Near Protocol Partnership With One Minute Briefs

In order to make its updates more accessible, Near Protocol established a partnership with One Minute Briefs and held an event where designers, artists, and marketers could compete for rewards in the form of NEAR tokens. The top five contestants were announced on June 28th and this boosted excitement around the project significantly.

Tradecurve Exchange Platform

TradeCurve is a hybrid exchange platform that takes elements from CEXs and DEXs to provide users with an easier trading experience for both crypto and fiat currencies alike. So far, over 12,000 people have signed up for its presale period and 4,400 holders have already invested over $2.7 million into the project so far.

Near Protocol And Tradecurve Predictions

Both Near Protocol (NEAR)and TradeCurve (TCRV) look like they’ll continue climbing upwards in value as they gain more attention from investors due to their recent updates and partnerships respectively. While NEAR needs to break past $2 for significant gains, TCRV is predicted to reach 100x growth when it officially launches on the market later this year

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