• Bitcoin price surpassed $22,000 resistance in 24 hours
• Top analyst Crypto Kaleo predicts Bitcoin’s short squeeze in the coming days
• Crypto Kaleo believes Bitcoin will reach $30,000 before any pull backs

The crypto world has been buzzing in excitement as Bitcoin recently achieved the milestone of surpassing the $22,000 resistance level in just 24 hours. This whooping upward movement has caused a surge in the global crypto market cap, regaining the $1 trillion mark. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading around $22,723, recording an 8.47% increase in the last 24 hours.

The crypto enthusiasts are now eagerly waiting for the King currency to reach its next major resistance of $30,000 which was last seen in June 2022. Well-known crypto analyst Crypto Kaleo has predicted that Bitcoin will soon experience a short squeeze in the coming days, pushing it towards the $30K mark. However, the analyst believes that before Bitcoin makes this move, the cryptocurrency will have to face some pull backs which may cause it to tumble below $20,000.

The crypto market has been experiencing a bullish trend in the past few weeks and it is hoped that this trend will continue, allowing Bitcoin to reach its target price of $30,000. Many investors are now taking advantage of this situation and are investing in Bitcoin, hoping to reap the benefits when the price reaches its peak. With the current market conditions, it looks like the world’s largest cryptocurrency is all set to make new highs and reach its next major resistance.

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