• The bitcoin price continues to stick within the same regions, below the crucial resistance of $30,785.
• Popular analyst Tolberti predicts a consolidated trend to remain until the end of 2023 and suggests that unfilled CME gaps may trigger a third impulse wave towards the north.
• It is speculated that a Diamond or Head & Shoulder pattern will form in the next few months before a final dump to $21,000.


The Bitcoin price continues to remain below its crucial resistance of $30,785 and has seen significant drop in volume after recent upswings. Popular analyst Tolberti suggested that there is likely to be a consolidated trend throughout 2023 with unfilled CME gaps potentially triggering an impulse wave towards the north. It is further speculated that a Diamond or Head & Shoulder pattern may form in the coming months before finally dumping to $21,000.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

The start of 2023 saw an upswing for Bitcoin but it now seems as though bearish favour is taking over. Despite this, it is anticipated that BTC may drop back down below $25,000 before following an uptrend again. However, Tolberti cautioned his followers not to buy into this rise as there are still some CME gaps yet to be closed beneath $20,000 – something he believes could cause a massive crash later on in the year regardless of any recent surge. On top of this he also predicts that this crash won’t reach $10,000 however it does appear as though this corrective wave has been transformed into an impulse wave which would suggest a bull market is on its way.

Formation Of A Pattern

As highlighted by Tolberti it appears as though we could see some sort of pattern forming before too long – most likely either a Diamond or Head & Shoulder one which could possibly pave way for our predicted dump down to $21,000 come Q4 time when things look set to get more intense and potentially attract large amounts of liquidity from traders eager for their chance at making money off BTC’s movements .

Trade Plan For The Upcoming Months

Tolberti suggests we’ll firstly witness BTC strongly jump up beyond its previous swing high from 2022 and reach around $33K – then followed by a huge drop back down again where it will eventually find itself stabilising just above the quarter-million mark once again . This consolidation period looks set to continue until such time as those CME gaps become filled at which point things will no doubt heat up once more with another potential impulsive wave pushing prices even higher than originally thought possible .


It remains unclear just how successful Bitcoin’s journey through H2 2023 will be but if popular analyst Tolberti’s predictions are anything to go by then we should expect some interesting times ahead – especially so given his belief that there’s still plenty left in store for us yet despite all these years since its inception . Only time will tell whether or not any of these expectations actually come true but one thing’s for sure; whatever happens hereon out , it’ll certainly be fascinating viewing !

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